Thing4-More Blogging


  1. Make sure that created a blog at edublog and completed Thing3.
  2. Add the URL of your blog to the Google Docs control spreadsheet.
  3. Blogs and Wikis are the two main type of websites for mere mortals.  Take a moment to understand the difference between them.


I have found bogging extremely useful for several reasons:

  1. Blogging provides me with way to crystallize my thoughts.  I find that writing forces me to reflect on teaching and technology activities.
  2. Blogging makes me more aware other people’s blogs.
  3. Blogging provides me a way to build my digital footprint for others to find.
  4. “Blog rolls” show interest in other blogs.  This is a great way to profile people with similar interests.

Video Links

If the video Blogs in Plain English on Thing3 didn’t work, then click here

If the video PBWiki for Education on Thng3 didn’t work, then click here


  1. Take a moment and review the optional tasks listed as “stretch” tasks.  There will be tasks that are relevant to you, which you may want to include as part of your blog.
  2. Proceed to Thing4 and complete the tasks listed.  Note that you will find a directory of other teachers’ blogs here.

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